Thursday, September 30, 2010

Che Guevara

Recently, I started a project on Che Guevara for my Spanish class and thought it would be interesting to share. Most of us know that he is an international figure as a rrevolutionary but specifically, he was an integral factor for Revolutions in Cuba and Bolivia. Originally though, Che (whose actual name is Ernesto), studied in Buenos Aires and was a doctor. Later, he travelled around the majority of Latin America and found himself in Guatemala when Presiden Jacobo Arbenz was overthrown. This sparked Che's interest in revolutions. He later met Fidel Castro while in Mexico and through this friendship was an integral member to the Cuban Revolution. Afterwards, he moved on to his own revolution in Bolivia. However, he was found there and executed by Bolivian officials and CIA opperatives on October 9, 1967.
What is most interesting to me is the lingering controversy over the valor of his actions. Was Che Guevara a villain or martyr? Any thoughts?

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