Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Steak n Shake

I work at this illustrious fast food joint called Steak n Shake, holding the coveted position of drive-thru operator. Anyway, I usually get pretty crappy hours, working usually at nights and through the night, and I was talking to one of my co workers who mentioned that it used to be only him working through the whole store. He mentioned the fact that there used to be two Latin American guys; however, they got in trouble with the law and were deported back to their respective countries. I heard some other things about it, and I think what happened was that they were illegal immigrants. They were caught speeding or something minor like that, and they were sent back.

I know that this is probably a pretty common story, but I found it a little strange. First of all, I don't see how they could fill out all that documentation for taxes and what not without some sort of green card, and I don't see how Steak n Shake could have hired them if they had no documents. Also secondly, I was surprised at how perilous an illegal immigrants position is in America. I mean, they were sent back, probably losing thousands of dollars to get here, over something as minor as a traffic ticket.

EDIT: This is also on the subject of illegal immigrants. It is written by a surprisingly extensively read blogger (I guess if you could call it that) who calls himself Maddox. He is caustic, irreverent, and offensive, but he is definitely interesting. One thing is for sure, he always has an interesting, if sometimes conflicting perspective on just about everything. Anyway, he wrote a short piece on illegal immigrants that many people have at least read. Here is the link: