Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Brazil denies any threat of terrorism


Brazil continues to deny that terrorism is a threat to the country or a concern to Brazilian authorities. Though they have made several arrests on potential terrorism-financiers, these suspects have been brought in on lesser, unrelated charges. Brazilian law enforcement continues to take actions to counter this threat, though they deny that it is a worry. According to this Wikileaks article, U.S. officials believe this denial is an attempt to protect Brazil's international image and the country's Muslim and Arab communities.

"Queen of the Pacific" released with no charge


Mexican judge Fernando Cordova has released a woman described as the "Queen of the Pacific", a main leader of Mexico's most powerful drug cartel, the Sinloa gang. Her aquittal is just one of many in this war against drugs, in which almost all of the suspects brought into custody have been released.

Cuba continues to detain American


An American contractor has now been held by Cuban authorities for over a year without being formally accused of any crime. Although the Cuban government suspects he is a spy, he has yet to be charged. On the one-year anniversary of his arrest, the U.S. State Department released a statement declaring that the continued detention of this man is extremely detrimental to the already precarious U.S.-Cuban relationship. The U.S. government has vowed to do everything it can to bring this contractor home.

Crackdown in Rio de Janeiro


Rio de Janeiro police forces secured 118 arrests at the conclusion of a two-week crackdown on drug cartels inthe city. Troops are now stationed throughout the city, specifically in these slum districts, for an indefinite period of time to protect the residents.

Wikileaks reveals doubt in Mexican government's effectiveness in combating Drug Wars


Wikileaks cables have been released revealing the doubts of U.S. diplomats in the ability of the Mexican government to effectively handle the drug wars still raging in the Latin American country. The Mexican army has been called unorganized and outdated, while the government's strategy is ineffective. This damaging information could hurt the reputation of Mexico internationally. Both Mexican and U.S. officials have denied the validity of this information.

10 More Mexican Killings


In Ciudad Juarez there have been 10 more deaths unrelated to each other. This makes 28,000 people that have died in Mexico due to drug violence since 2006 when Felipe Calderon assumed office.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Leader of Drug Trafficking Group Arrested in Mexico


The supposed leader of the main drug trafficking group of methamphetamine in Mexico, La Familia, has been arrested by Mexican police. Jose Alfredo Landa is being interrogated and held in a Mexican prison. What I find interesting is the insistence of this well-known drug gang that it is in fact protecting Michoacan, the Mexican state which the group is based out of, from other drug gangs. It has proclaimed the upholding of family values, and ironically condemned the consumption of hard drugs- but with no mention of the trafficking of such drugs.



Discussed in this article is the release of confidential conversations between U.S. diplomats about certain Latin American countries by Wikileaks. Some of what was said about these countries was negative criticism. I have to agree with the U.S. Ambassador to Colombia, Michael McKinley, who condemned the release of these private conversations. The fact of the matter is that such conversations and criticisms take place between the diplomats of every country, and are necessary to maintain peace between the nations of the world. These conversations were meant to be private, and should stay that way.