Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Ex-Prez of Costa Rica guilty of corruption

Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, who was president of Costa Rica from 1998 until 2002, was convicted of corruption charges. This is too bad for Costa Rica which claims to be more stable and honest than its neighbors. I guess if they are able to convict and sentence him then their justice system is effective.


Duvalier returned to Haiti for money

Baby Doc, the former dictator of Haiti, was exiled in 80s. He returned to Haiti about a month ago causing much concern. News has come out that he is just trying to get $6 million in frozen bank accounts in Switzerland.


Maquiladoras are suffering

Maquiladoras are suffering in Ciudad de Juarez, Mexico. The global recession has pummeled this place. From 2008 to the middle of last year the city’s maquiladoras cut 30 percent of their work force which is about 72,000 jobs.

Drug Wars increasing in Latin America

Drug lords are not backing down despite American response. Drug Wars continue to rage in Latin America.


Many are skeptical of Cuba's "reforms"

Raul Castro says he plans to reform Cuba, although many don't really believe him. They still think it will be a single-party state.


Brazil is struggling

The Brazilian stock market fell to its lowest level since February, hurt by fears that inflation could worsen and spur a tougher policy.


Fishermen killing many dolphins in the Amazon

Because they compete for fish, fishermen in the Amazon have been killing many dolphins. They are becoming more endangered.


Haitians are being forced out of tents

After the 2010 earthquake, many Haitians had to live in displacement camps. Landowners are now evicting many of them even though their houses have not been rebuilt yet leaving many Haitians homeless.


model cities in honduras

Honduras is thinking about creating autonomous model cities to help spur economic development. These cities would be free of government interference and possibly could improve Honduras's and other Latin American countries' economies.


suriname leader returns

The former dictator of Suriname returned to Suriname. Now he's the dictator again.