Thursday, February 17, 2011

Haitian Campaign Kick-Off!

After watching "The Agronomist" in class, I recently have taken interest in Haitian news and updates. We witnessed the constant threat of violence throughout Haiti as it bounced back and forth from times of peace to times of war. Even though the military was in control of the government for some time, Haiti still has worked toward democracy.

Elections in Haiti will be held on March 20th of this year. Michel Martelly, a singer, and Mirlande Manigat, a former first lady, officially announced their run for presidency. Martelly fortunately has the endorsement of hip-hop celebrity Wyclef Jean. Manigat is a bit older whose husband was president back in 1988. She criticizes her opponent, saying that he has little to no political experience.

Rene Preval is the current Haitian president. The winner of the upcoming March 20th elections will definitely have to focus on the poor economic status of the country. After the giant earthquake and cholera epidemic, Haiti desperately needs help and assistance on a global level.

1.) Wyclef Jean wanted to run for president but did not meet the proper residency requirements.
2.) Ex-President Duvalier returned to Haiti in January after being in France for 25 years of exile.
3.) Ex-President Aristide is considering a return to Haiti but still currently resides in South Africa for his exile.

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