Friday, February 18, 2011

Costa Rica/Nicaragua Border Dispute

In class we discussed the major Peru/Ecuador border dispute. Online I read an article that goes into detail about recent territorial arguments between Costa Rica and Nicaragua. The problem regards the San Juan River area and since these two countries cannot meet a compromise through mediation, the issue has been turned over to the ICJ (International Court of Justice).

Nicaraguan president Daniel Ortega has increased armed forces. Laws were passed to strengthen security and improve technology throughout the country. He claims to be doing this "to defend ourselves from the expansionism of our neighbors." Some people take this increased power of the Nicaraguan military as a threat.

Costa Rican Foreign Minister Rene Castro has also done some of his own intimidation. His troops are now on the offensive, especially as more than 1,000 new officers will be added to its police force this year. Costa Rica will continue to construct this "territorial defense network" until the ICJ makes a final decision.

Nicaragua is also arguing with Honduras, again regarding border disputes. Nicaragua sure seems to be picking a lot of fights lately. Maybe other neighboring countries should raise some concern, too.

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