Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Tico Times

Something that is very important to me is my experience in Nicaragua. Working with kids and bonding with a host family is something I will never forget. When I found this website, www.theticotimes.net, I was very excited because it can give news directly from Nicaragua AND in english which is always nice. When exploring the news stories one that caught my eye was a story about volunteer work being done in Nicaragua. The article follows both a retiree and a young adult right out of school, and their experiences with volunteering with children in Nicaragua. I connected very much to this article because I was in an almost identical situation. Working with these kids in rural Nicaragua changed my life, and through the article you can tell that their experience is changing their lives also. I'm glad to see that people are learning about Nicaragua through the children and bringing their knowledge to the rural communities. I will continue following this site with information on Nicaragua and the volunteer work happening there. I truly hope to return someday.


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