Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Deportation Case of Bernard Pastor


This article discusses the decision of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement that Bernard Pastor, an 18 year-old recent high school graduate currently residing in Cincinnati, Ohio will be forcibly returned to his native land of Guatemala. It is now up to his lawyer, Firooz Namei, to prove that Pastor should not be deported.
This case hits home with me for several reasons. First, these events are taking place in my own hometown of Cincinnati. My own high school competed against the school that he attended, Reading High School, in several different sports. Secondly, Bernard Pastor is a normal teenager (exactly my own and most of my classmates' age), just like all of us. He was an honor student, as well as an amazing soccer player. Regardless of whether he is technically a legal American citizen, this place is his home. Pastor has been living and thriving in this country since he was 3 years old, and most likely knows no other home. He has been a contributing part of his community up until this point, and shows promise for the future.
I don't know if Bernard Pastor has the constitutional right to live in this country-my knowledge of such laws and statutes is thoroughly limited-but I do believe he has the right to attempt to prove that he deserves a life in this country as much as any legal American citizen.

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