Saturday, November 27, 2010

Plant a Billion Trees

This is a nonprofit organization that aims to conserve the Atlantic Forest. The Atlantic Forest is now only 12 percent of it's original size. Most of the deforestation is due to general human expansion. This includes activities such as farming, urban expansion, and illegal logging. I have found several nonprofits that have a focus on Latin America, but this one is particularly appealing because of its focus on progressive green thinking. The premise of the organization is that an individual can donate a dollar and the organization will plant one tree in the Atlantic Forest. I believe the simplicity of the plan here is key, and because of it anyone can be involved. Thinking about it, one dollar is also a very cheap price for the environmental benefit. With that one dollar, the organization is able to pick the most effective tree choice for the area, buy the seed, and actually plant it. This seems to be a very money-efficient setup. As far as non eco-related benefits go, the reforestation of the area will help bring money to million of people and create thousands of jobs. Overall I am very impressed with this organization and its ease of access to the world's population, which I think will allow it to become one of the most successful green programs.

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