Tuesday, October 20, 2009

There has been an ongoing political crisis in Honduras since June. The crisis began when the president Manuel Zelaya was exiled. The crisis probably the largest in years. After being taken hostage by military troops the President was forced onto a plane to Costa Rica. 
The coup originated because of accusations that Zelaya was attempting to abolish the one year in office rule in order to reelect himself.  His exile came as a shock to most Hondurans and the country is split on their support of the movement. Internationally the coup is widely opposed. 
We've talked about Oscar Arias in class, and currently he is holding peace talks between the rebels and Zelaya. However, rebels have not been able to compromise with the president.
 One possible solution proposed by the international community is to let Zelaya serve his remaining 3 moths in office. Yet, it's uncertain if the rebels will agree to these terms. The current talks could lead to the return of Zelaya. This article discusses the issues that are being present in the peace talks. While the President says they are near a conclusion, the interim leader Micheletti says otherwise. 

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