Friday, October 30, 2009

Quinceañeras in America

In America we love lavish celebrations. In fact, there is an entire TV show dedicated to spoiled kid's 16th birthday party's. In Mexico, however, the lavish parties thrown for 15 year old females are more than just a party. They are a tradition and a right of passage into adulthood. I personally think of them in the same way as a BatMitzvah is for a coming of age Jewish female. You can check out the article here. Also, notice their growing popularity in America. In my hometown mall there is actually a whole store devoted to Quinceañera dresses.

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April Eiswirth said...

My friend's Quinceanera dress was one of her family's only possession to survive Katrina. Her mom covered it in like five trash bags before they evacuated because she valued it so much. I just thought it an interesting story in relation to your post. Quinceaneras really are a very important ceremony to Latin Americans.