Friday, October 02, 2009

Latin America embracing Haiti

I just was doing my normal morning news reading, and I started reading an article that I didn't expect had anything to do with Latin America but I was quickly corrected. The article is titled "Clinton Cheers Investor Turnout at Haiti Meeting." As per our earlier discussions of what exactly the term "Latin America" encompasses, this article notes the importance of Latin American countries' support of Haiti since it is "their neighbor." Bill Clinton said, "We have more people from Latin America and the Caribbean here than we do from the U.S., Canada and Europe combined," Clinton said of the conference. "That was always going to be essential for Haiti's success: having your neighbors embrace you."

Essentially, Latin America is showing a united interest in not only helping a fellow neighbor, but also in investing. This meeting showed the enormous potential of Latin America if it unites a a common force. This idea that Latin Americans far outnumbered the people that had been trying to conquer them for years, shows that Latin America is making great strides in getting noticed within the international community.

You can read the article here

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