Friday, November 14, 2008

Landmines in Columbia

Everyday about three people are killed by landmines in Columbia. Columbia has the most landmines of any country in the southern hemisphere, an estimated 150,000. These mines terrorize farmers, who sometimes move their families into cities to get away from the threat these mines pose. Despite the signing of the Ottawa treaty, prohibiting the use of these fatal weapons, landmines remain a popular form of land protection for guerrillas and drug traffickers alike. However, natural forces, such as hurricanes, can relocate these dangerous devices, putting innocent citizens in grave danger. One of the most horrifying aspects of this issue is the statistic that over 40% of the victims are civilians, and over 20% of these victims are children, under the age of 14.
Imagen del UNICEF
This picture shows a group of young Columbian children at an informational session on how to protect themselves from landmines.

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Thank you for the good article that you wrote. You picked the perfect picture. I am studying about land mines and I find it very sad for the people of Colombia. Sincerly, Hannah Marie