Wednesday, March 16, 2011

BEST cuban food in the United States

Looking for authentic cuban food without having to go to cuba?
Well if you ever find yourself in Miami, FL the best place to go to is Versailles on Calle 8. This spring break a few friends of mine from Tulane came to Miami and during their visit I made sure that they did not miss out on this experience. This place is famous and all the local cubans come to versailles all the time whether it is to get a "cafecito" in "la ventanita" or to get a good old "pan con bistec" with "arroz y frijoles." They also serve delicious cuban pastries such as "croquetas," "pastelitos de guava o queso," etc. Make sure to try this place out! It will be quite the culture shock since you will quickly learn that although you are in the United States, english is not the main language spoken at this restaurant or in the city!

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