Friday, February 12, 2010

Sarayaku Kichwa Indigenous Group Wins Over Oil Companies

The Ecuadoran indigenous group Sarayaku Kichwa has been fighting for over 14 years to have 2 oil companies removed from their land, and has finally won. The two oil companies, both part of United States companies, have been there since 1996. This violates an agreement giving Sarayaku Kichwa rights to the land. The oil companies have used intimidation to maintain their position.
Sarayaku Kichwa took up this dispute against Ecuador, through the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, where they finally rules that the government must protect the community first and foremost.
This brings to light the impact of globalization, and the criticism that it is mostly American expansion into other countries. The "McWorld" effect, where America is the dominating element in globalization, can interfere with local communities. Countries need to get their priorities straight before America can entice them with deals; the people must come first.

Here is the article.

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