Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Legalizing Marijuana: A New Angle?

Growing up in America over the last decade, we have all heard about the increasing demand to legalize marijuana. Arguments have become increasingly more creative, and fans everywhere rejoiced when the substance was legalized in California "for medical purposes." While the pro-marijuana faction has been gaining momentum, they have lacked a political figure-head to support their campaign. Until now.

Former Mexican foreign minister Jorge Castaneda stated in an interview Tuesday that marijuana should be legalized in both Mexico and the United States. His reason? Mexican drug cartels earn an estimated 60 percent of their profits from marijuana sale. Since the Mexican government declared war on the drug cartels, roughly 17,000 people have been killed, including 900 during January alone. Legalization would flood the market with a new supply, bringing prices down, increasing competition, and cutting off more than half of the money fueling drug-trafficking operations.

Even though Castaneda's statement will not single-handedly change the United States government's stance on marijuana, it is certainly a step in that direction. Only time will tell how the government will react.

Source: CNN

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