Monday, October 25, 2010

Pot-Pie : PA Dutch :: ??? : Latin American

I grew up with a lot of cultural dishes from my family's heritage, that I absolutely love and crave while I'm down here away from my family. I went home for fall break, and however short a stay that was, my mom made me two different dinners of my choice - beef vegetable pie, and ham pot-pie. I absolutely love these dishes, and I don't know how I made it so long without them. :P
For me, German/Dutch foods are what I know, they're what I grew up with, and I didn't know they were part of my heritage until I was in school with other kids who didn't know what hog maw was (fyi, it's a baked pig stomach stuffed with pork/sausage and homemade bread stuffing, with all the fixin's. yummmm.) To some, that sounds really gross and that it should be an ancient meal, and honestly, I don't eat the stomach lining - but the elders in my family do. I realized when I went home, that I grew up around so many foods like this, and my heritage and ancestry wasn't even overtly a huge deal to our family. It made me think what the Latin Americans and the like, who have a great deal of pride in their heritage, grew up with.
I remember watching a True Life on MTV (I know, how cliche) that was about Latin American families and how their culture really played into what they ate and how they celebrated - with food. So I researched a little bit about what foods are culturally prevalent and tried to find an easy recipe. I hope someone can enjoy a meal like this, because I'm on my way to becoming a poor college kid who eats like a real German only when she's home.

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