Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Vulnerable Women in Haiti Have No Protection

In Haiti, even before the earthquake, rape was a problem that women faced. Although many women have become presidents of Latin American countries or have achieved high political status, women are sadly abused mentally, physically, and sexually. This can start at a young age in Haiti when women are sent to be restaveks in homes of upper class families where they are often sexually abused by their "fathers."

Since the earthquake, many women and children have been left without homes or families and are left to fend for themselves in tent cities. In these vulnerable cities, they run the risk of being beaten and raped because they lack the protection that their fathers, brothers, and sons once provided. When women are found alone, they can be attacked by strange men, escaped prisoners, and even police. Afterwards, they can face sexually transmitted disease or pregnancy. These women need protection even from the men who are supposed to be protecting them, so who can they turn to? Hopefully, as UN forces arrive in Port-au-Prince, the situation will get better for the young women who are being affected by these violent crimes.

Be thankful for the safety we have: http://www.comcast.net/articles/news-world-latinamerica/20100316/CB.Haiti.Earthquake/

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