Thursday, January 28, 2010

Extreme Suffering for Children in Haiti

Although there have been multiple posts about the tragic earthquake situation in Haiti, I can't help but add one that impacted me even further.

Haiti's children make up 45% of the country's population. They "are among the most disoriented and vulnerable survivors of the earthquake." Needless to say, their world is gone. Not only have the surviving Haitian children lost parents, family members, homes, and schools, but some are also suffering from severe injuries and trauma. Many are now stuck on the streets, struggling to survive each day. There are concerns that these children will be taken advantage of for trade or trafficking.

Haiti's first lady, Elisabeth Delatour Preval, says, "The children of Haiti, unless they get help, they will have lost their childhoods, their innocence."

Let us use this as further motivation to take action in assisting the people of Haiti.

Source: New York Times

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