Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gitmo commander predicts prison won't close soon

Despite the debate over the possibility of Guantanamo Bay's closing, Guantanamo's commander believes that this won't actually be a possibility anytime soon. Even with Obama replacing Bush in office, it will be unlikely that the military's offshore prison will close so soon after Obama is sworn into office. 

It will be too difficult to close Guantanamo Bay because it is difficult to come to a quick decision where prisoners will be held. The legal process is also complicated if the military intends to continue any sort of persecution or to reach any resolution in the case of each prisoner.

Some terrorists allegedly confessed their crimes on election day in order to seal their execution by the United States in order to achieve martyrdom. "Many observers at the hearing say the defendants may be rushing toward a death sentence before Obama takes office and shuts down the war-crimes trials". However, this speculation has not been confirmed as it is impossible to be sure of the intentions of the terrorists.

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